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What is the Amazon Tracker tool?

Amazon is the largest shopping engine on the planet opening up a world of hundreds of millions of buyers who could potentially be buying your (or your clients) products. Amazon has it's own search engine, much like Google, where people go to find products and generally the top returned results are the ones that see clicks and sales.

How to use it

Amazon Tracker Tool

To start tracking the rankings of an Amazon product(s), select an existing project or give this search a project name and then you will simply enter the ASIN of the product, the product name, the amazon store you'd like to use as well as the product category. Every product on Amazon has an ASIN, you will find it at the end of the URL string, or simply scroll down on the product listing page until you find ASIN. You can also watch the tutorial video to understand this as well as all the other actions possible with this tool. Once you have added a product, click on 'view keywords' and from this page you will be able to add in all your keywords.

The results will show the top 100 products ranking in the category you have selected. It will pull the item image, title, category, sales rank and manufacturer. Under the Action column you can add the keywords you’d like to track just like within the other rank tracker tools, you can also take it a step further and analyse your competitors and pull all the details from amazon for the top sellers in your selected keywords.

Video Tutorial

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