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What is Backlinks Explorer?

This tool allows you to analyze the backlink profile of any domain in depth. With this tool, you can easily see how strong or weak a domain is, from behind the scenes. You can analyze things such as PageRank, Ahrefs Ranks, Ahrefs Domain Rank and more for the backlinks of sites.

Insider Tip: You are shown how many sites have a high alexa, this means the links are in ‘trafficked’ sites and it is important for any real site to have links from sources where people frequent.


Step 1 - Enter Your Parameters

Backlinks Explorer Tool

Simply enter the domain name then choose “Fast Backlink Check” which uses the site explorer credit which will immediately pull the top 1000 from Majestic, or choose “Deep Backlinks Explorer”. If the “Deep Backlinks Explorer” is not available then you might need to upgrade your membership or get some credits depending on your membership level. You can show the number of backlinks you want from one source.

The Deep Backlinks Explorer allows you to pull Backlinks that will allow you to check for Age, Moz, Alexa Ranking and IP Address. Simply choose the metrics that you want to be returned then select Schedule Domain, you will receive a notification when it is ready.

Step 2 - Understanding The Report

The Fast Backlinks Check
When the report loads, at the bottom of the page you can see the backlink profile of the anchor text cloud and also the anchor text profile. You can sort each column respectively to see the strongest backlinks. Source shows where the backlink is from, Anchor shows the anchor text that is used and Target shows where it is pointing to. The scores from Source Citation Flow and Source Trust Flow represents the strength of each page. The Target Citation Flow and Target Trust Flow allows you to see the strength of the page that the Source is pointing to. You can then see whether it is a DoFollow or NoFollow link and when it was last seen.

Deep Backlinks Explorer
When the results is returned and you click on the link it will show a breakdown of the backlinks. We will have the PR breakdown which is probably now defunct but it is nice to know all the sites to see what they were like but Moz PA is a better option to see where backlinks fall in the PA scale.

Alexa ranking is important to know because if you have links on highly traffic site it is a lot better than coming from those sites which contain no traffic. If majority of the backlinks is coming from sites with no traffic, it is probably not a good domain because it is likely that those links were either low quality or generated specifically to boost the site up and they don’t have any traffic.

You also have the domain backlinks B and C class. You want to make sure that the C class percentages are low. The higher the percentage is the higher the chances of that it is getting links from the same sources, data centers, etc.

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