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What is the Backlinks Manager Tool?

This tool allows you to know the status of your top 50+ links per website. You’ll need to know critical information like are they still active? are they still indexed? This tool provides you with a set and forget way of auto updating the status of your links, including important data like Moz DA/PA, IP address diversification and anchor profiles. Simply paste in your top links and our system does the rest!


Step 1 - Select Your Project

Backlinks Manager Tool

If you have not yet created a project, you can do it from Site Manager in no time. Once you select a project you then select a site from that Project and an Inner Page or you can choose to see all pages.

Step 2 - Analyze

At the top of the page you’ll see a summary of the link status. Further down on the page you’ll be able to see the individual links and their metrics. Hovering over their statuses will give you a pop up that explains it so you can take action if the link is not found or not active or indexed. You can also use the last column to delete or recheck the status of your links. Also, in the anchor text column you can manually add your anchor text by clicking on the blank space.

The tool also allows you to see you Anchor Cloud profile, a Bot Blocker will stop you from getting this info anywhere else but in SERPed. You’ll be able to see a graphic illustration as well as a text breakdown. You can click in the number beside the count percentage to the left of the graph to see which links have that Anchor Cloud.

Next set of metrics is Moz DA and PA Breakdown. The DA refers to the root domain the link is from PA specific page the link is from and the last set of data will be your referring domains per B and C class. The rule of thumb is to keep the percentages on each of these very low.


1. How often is my data updated?
The data is automatically updated for you every 14 days for Ultimate Members and every 30 days for Premium Members. You can also do a manual recheck if you’ve made changes to your backlinks and would like to see them updated immediately.

2. Does the backlink manager tool Scan your site and show the pre-existing links on your page?
The Backlinks Manager is for your main strong backlinks to keep a strong eye on, where we can scan to make sure that they stay there, are indexed and the metrics on them. Which we record over time so you can see charts, the ideas of these ones is you can even drive link juice to them and boost them. And you can see their social signals increasing, their metrics increasing if you or others are linking to them.

3. What happens if a site gets de-indexed or a link is removed ?
With Backlinks Manager, if a site were to get de-indexed or a link removed you can see it and take action. For example: You buy a lifetime link placement, If they in 6 months remove it you will be notified. And you can then contact them for the link back, to be replaced or request a refund

4. What happens if a site gets de-indexed or a link is removed ?
Yes it does. So if your PBNs have blockers, like bot blockers, Majestic,Ahrefs, Moz won’t get those links so you won’t see them. So combining with this anchor profile gives you a more real picture of what Google sees.

5. How do I add backlinks ?
To add backlinks, once you've selected the backlinks too select the project > Site. You'll be given options to select all pages or select a specific inner pages. Once you select the inner page you'll be given the option to add backlinks

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