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What is the Bulk Analyzer Tool?

This tool allows you to analyze up to 20 URLs at once and provides you with key metrics including the PageRank, domain age, Alexa Rank, number of pages indexed in Google, number of social signals, Moz Rank and Domain Authority, Majestic SEO Citation and Trust Flow, number of backlinks (dofollow vs. nofollow) and more. This is very convenient if you want quickly analyze your competition or compare aged domains on the fly.

Insider Tip: Before you enter a niche, make sure you analyze your top competitors, so you know how competitive this niche is. If you received a list of aged domains for sale from a domain broker, analyze them with our tool. This will take you less than a minute & show you which domains are worth digging deeper with and which should be passed on.


Bulk Analyzer Tool

Simply enter the URLs you want to analyze (1 per line) and no more than 20 URLs. You can select to analyze them with and without www versions by clicking the checkbox. If you dont tick the checkbox to add them it is going to check it as you put them in the box. Select the metrics you want to check and click the 'Analyze URLs' button.

The report returns everything such as Page Rank, Age, the Alexa Rank etc. You can you the Moz Rank, total links, etc to determine the strength of the domain. You can hover over each column to find out what each column is as well.

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