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What is the Cashflow Manager Tool?

This tool allows you to keep your site finances. This simple yet effective solution helps you manage the finances of all your projects: income, expenses, assets, debts... We made it super simple so you don't have to spend hours on your accounting yet can gain crucial insights from your statements. Without the complexities of full accounting, but breaking it down into each niche site or client, 'Cashflow Manager' allows you to quickly see where you should focus more attention and where you might need to cut your losses.


Cashflow Manager Tool

Before you can manage the finances of a site here, you must add it to 'Site Manager'. Once this is done, select the site in question and click the 'Show' button. To add income and expenses, go to the the 'Cashflow' tab. To add assets and debts in the 'Assets and Debts' tab. For graphs and statistics, go to the 'Statistics' tab. For an overview of your finances, go to the 'Overview' tab. Insider Tip: From the 'Cashflow' and 'Assets and Debts' sections, you can create reports (CSV and PDF) that you can easily print, for yourself or anyone who might need them.

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