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What is the Citation Scanner?

Local Citation Scanner offers you a quick and easy way to find hundreds of local citation opportunities, for yourself, your clients or your prospects. With our tool, you will be able to see where a local business is listed, and where it isn't. With this information you can create new listings for yourself, your clients or use the reports to sign new clients. This tool is awesome for better local rankings and more sources of traffic and exposure.

Insider Tip: Use our ordering system to order sources by location, category, Moz Rank and Moz Domain Authority.


Step 1 - Performing The Search

Citation Scanner Tool

Select the type of search you want to perform (a business search or a keyword search), fill out the form, select the categories of directories you'd like to see and our tool takes care of the rest. If you do a business search, the tool will find where it's already listed, and where it's not, so you know where you can create new listings. If you do a keyword search, the tool will find a bunch of local businesses and tell you where they are listed, and where they are not.

Step 2 - The Report

You will get a notification once the report is complete. If you performed a keyword search, the report will populate with websites currently ranking for that keyword along with their addresses and the citations that they have/the total amount of directories available for them to be listed in. Click "View Results" under the "Actions" column to see the list of directories, the metrics of these directories and you can also create a listing with the click of a button. You can filter by the directories that they were found in or not find in and you can see their listings on these directories (and offer to update these as well if necessary).

Step 3 - Generate Your Client Report

Filter your results by "Not Found" then click "Generate Report". A dialogue box will appear, you'll need to complete all the fields:

  • Give the report a name or select a template that you previously created
  • Choose which company you would like to send the report to (if you did a keyword search) you can create multiple reports or just one.
  • Give a summary of the service you will provide.
  • Generate the report, preview it and you can send this out to your prospects.

Video Tutorial

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