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What is the Cities Rank Tracking tool?

This tool allows you to track the rankings of your sites in specific cities in Google. Tracking your rankings is important, but tracking them where it matters is even more useful. If you want your site to rank for 'Plumber in New York', you want to know where it ranks in New York, as that is where the searcher is most likely to be based. It provides you with an overview of your rankings, as well as graphs so you can track your progress over time and even notes so you can see when the latest algorithm changes happened and if they affected your rankings.

How it works

Cities Rank Tracking Tool

You can view projects of searches from the dropdown or you can add in new keywords of projects that you are working on. First start by clicking “Add New Keywords” and wait for the pop up window to enter your details.

Go ahead and enter keywords (one per line) - enter the keywords that you think people are typing into the Google search engine. For the search volume select the country that you want to search in. Choose your site and choose the country and language. From there we can then add our city. We also have a choice to check mobile ranking as well which is important on a city level because several people are searching for stuff on their mobile phones. The check period can be anywhere from 2 days (every second day per month) up to 15 days (2 times per month). Once you are finish you can go ahead and select Add Keywords. Give it about 15-60 minutes to gather the results then select refresh.

Video Tutorial

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