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What is the Keyword Analyzer?

This tool checks all the vital information about the top 10 listings for any search term in your chosen country (Google Database). With our proprietary colour ranking chart to let you know which terms are a walk in the park, and which terms require a bit more effort. Vital to do this for any keyword you are considering targeting. Also with the new Keyword Difficulty Score feature which gives your keyword a score out of 100%. Agencies use this information as a pricing guide when clients ask to rank keywords. You can also view advanced search results which will include information such as Domain Age, Number of pages indexed in Google, Content Word Count, Outbound links and more.

Insider Tip: If you’re not sure which keyword to search for, start with the The Ultimate Research Tool which allows you to generate thousands of keyword ideas in just a few clicks. You can also see what terms your competitor sites are ranking for and check your own site using the What Ranks Where Tool.


Step 1 - Enter Your Parameters

Keyword Analyzer

Enter a keyword you would want to see the top 10 listings for. Choose a database (search engine),enter a URL you would like to compare to the top 10, this can be your site or any other url (optional) and click the 'Analyze Competition' button.

Step 2 - The Results

The results are colour coded to represent how difficult it would be to compete on each level of analysis as well as overall for the keyword. Our system will present you with a nice overview of what your competition is doing, from their Page Rank to whether or not the keyword they rank for is in their Header and Meta Tags. Hover over the columns to see information about it and you can also hover over the upward facing arrows under columns like: "Social" to see a break-down of the different Social Signals.

Step 3 - Using The Report

The results are given an overall rating as well as a rating for each section on the report. We automatically calculate these metrics and they are color coded to show how difficult it would be to compete on each level with your competitor. The scale is simply;

Red - Difficult

Yellow- Average

Green - Easy

You can also click on each URL to be brought to the website. This report gives you the ability to see where your competitors have fallen short and to look for opportunities to rank. You can save your results by exporting them to .csv or .pdf.

Video Tutorial

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Can I see external/internal links only on the report?

Yes, the column titled EXT and the column titled Total Links show you both your competitor’s internal and external links.

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