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What is the Countries Rank Tracking tool?

This tool allows you to track the rankings of your sites in specific countries in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. It is vital that you track your rankings in the countries you want to rank. If you are targeting one country, select that one country. If you are targeting broad terms and multiple counties, you can select up to 5. This tool provides you with an overview of your rankings, as well as graphs so you can track your progress over time and even notes so you can see when the latest algorithm changes happened and if they affected your rankings.

Tip: When adding the site to 'Site Manager', we highly recommend that you enter a primary keyword, as well as secondary keywords, so they are automatically added here.


Countries Rank Tracking Tool

Step 1 - Add New Keywords

You can view projects of searches from the dropdown or you can add in new keywords of projects that you are working on. First start by clicking “Add New Keywords” and wait for the pop up window to enter your details.

This tool works similar to how city ranking works in terms of the set up. Go ahead and enter keywords (one per line) - enter the keywords that you think people are typing into the Google search engine. For the search volume select Global. Choose the search engines that you want to search for the keywords in. We also have a choice to check mobile ranking as well which is important on a country level because several people are searching for stuff on their mobile phones.

You can then select up to 5 counties from the list for the keyword to be tracked in. The check period can be anywhere from 2 days (every second day per month) up to 15 days (2 times per month). Once you are finish you can go ahead and select Add Keywords.

Step 2 - Understanding The Report

Once we get the reports we can either click on the keyword or we can click view. This will load a nice chart overtime and for each country. If you want to see what the keyword is ranking for in each country just un-tick the ones that you do not want to see. You can choose your time period and you can also add or remove admin notes as well.

This report also displays the page info such as Facebook likes, Facebook shares and Twitter shares.You also have the ability to view more details which will open up the site manager page. You can also see any assigned notes and you can add notes in the note section in site manager.

The rankings table shows the most recent updates which you have the ability to choose how many records you want to be returned per page. If you have competitors then you will see charts showing those details as well. You have the ability to view your competitors by clicking “Track competitors for this keyword”. You can then add in your competitor and then you have the ability to track the competitor for all the keywords in the domain.

If you go back to the Keyword results you have the ability to select specific keywords and if you aren’t yet tracking them on mobile then you can by selecting that option right below the results table. You can also generate public reports which will allow you to add your branding, choose how often you want to do it and then create the public link report. It is a tabulated system so you choose between Google, Yahoo or Bing. You can also filter by country.

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