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What is Domain Hacker?

This tool helps you find the best 'hacked' and related domains by checking more than 120 TLDs in just a few seconds. Do you believe all the best domains are already taken? Many of them are, but there are still plenty of great domains available to register and 'Domain Hacker' will help you find them. 'Domain Hacker' even breaks up your words and find alternatives for you. For example, if you enter 'articles' as a word, it will suggest,, and many other TLDs, but also and even,, and more.


Domain Hacker Tool

Simply give your project a name, and enter a few words or terms you want to check. You can add up to 5 lines. Hit ‘Queue New Report’ and you will be notified when it’s done, you can check the status by clicking "Pending/Completed Reports".

Each keyword will be shown on a different tab. You'll see different domain ideas and see whether they're available or not, you can choose to filter by those that are available/not available.

You can also generate excel files to save and view your search history at any time.

Video Tutorial

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