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What is the Domain Marketplace?

The Domain Marketplace is where professional domain brokers who spend their working lives finding quality domains with great metrics, will sell these 'web assets' that can be used for your networks and getting strong links to your sites and social properties. You can find domains using our other domain finder tools, but if you are in a rush or would prefer to save the time, you can simply invest in domains from the marketplace.


Domain Marketplace Tool

The first thing you'll notice is the "Send Me Results" button, clicking it will allow you to subscribe and be alerted when domains that match the filters you set up after clicking are available.

These domains are already registered but they may be expired domains that can be re-indexed. By clicking "more" in the Moz, Majestic and Social columns you will be able to see details on those metrics and these are the most up-to-date version.

When you're ready to buy simply select the domain(s) you'd like to purchase and a purchase button will appear. This button will bring you to a Paypal page, after payment you will be brought to a short form to complete, the information will then be sent to the domain seller and the domain will be pushed to you.

Video Tutorial

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