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What is The Exact Match Domains Tool?

This tool allows you to search for keyword-rich exact match domains (EMDs) without hassle. It even provides you with search volumes and more useful data so you can make the right choices. We also added lists of cities and states so you don't have to enter them manually. This is a huge time saver! What would normally take you hours of boring work only takes you a few seconds with 'Exact Match Domains'. You could have registered all the best EMDs before your competitors even think about them. You can then use these domains to create niche sites, for yourself or your clients, or even resell them. There are plenty of domains selling for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every day.


Step 1 - Enter Your Parameters

Exact Match Domains Tool

To search for keyword-rich EMDs, all you need to do is to enter a project title, select a country, choose TLDs and enter keywords. Then, simply click the 'Queue New Report' button. The tool will reach the domain registry and tell you what domains are available. You will get a notification when the report is run to see which domains are available. You can pre-fill the form with cities, states and more so you don't have to enter them manually. This can be done in Step 4. Make sure you give this feature a try as it can help you save hours of work. You can also add your own custom lists.

Step 2 - Understanding The Report

The report displays the domain, availability and the metrics for keywords related to that website. It is ordered by the highest search volume. You can register these domains for $10 or less and use them or rent them because they are already such good domains.

Video Tutorial

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