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What is the Expired Scraper Tool?

This powerful scraping tool has so much going on behind the scenes, allowing you to find expired domains with backlinks from powerful, high trust, industry leading domains.


Step 1 - Enter Domain

Editing Expired Scraper Tool

If you know the domain that you want to search for then you can enter it into the text box provided, if not, there is a green icon next to the text box which you can click. From there you can filter the top websites by country or by category. Once you apply your filters you can go ahead and select the website.

Step 2 - Choose Category

Select a category for the domain. Once that is done, select schedule domain. One of the reasons why we choose a category is because of the niche filter in the results table which allows you to keep things organized.

Step 3 - Using the Report

The Report may take a while to generate depending on the search, you can refresh the page by clicking on "Progress" in the Search History section. Once the report generates you will be able to see the domain name and all it's metrics including DMoz and Alexa information as well as Page Rank.

Clicking the Info button will show you where the backlink is from and which page it is linking to from the URL you had entered. Clicking on Register will give you a list of sites that you can register the domain through.

There are also different icons under the domain names:

Majestic Graph gives you a graphical representation of the domain's Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

Screenshots provides you with a screenshot of the most recent version of the website.

Domain History shows you what the domain has looked like over time if the data has been archived.

The Google Icon allows you to see if the domain is indexed.

The last 2 icons allow you to put the domain in the Site Explorer tool and the Backlinks Indexer tool.

Once you have selected a domain and you have registered it. From the same dropdown menu, please select "Already Registered", so that our system can verify that it has indeed been registered and immediately remove it from the results.

Membership Pools

This can be found under your search history listing. Depending on your membership level, it provides a number of available expired domains from different member searches that were not registered. Premium members see results from 1 in every 3 searches done, the backlinks remain in the pool for up to 45 days.

You can set up a filter so that you can get a system or email notification when a domain that matches your criteria becomes available or just filter the current set of results by leaving the email field blank.

Video Tutorial

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