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What is the Goal Tracking Tool?

This tool allows you to set and track goals so you know how many people perform searches in your site, how many people click your contact button, how much traffic your ad sources send, what keywords or links bring the most traffic, how well your squeeze page converts, how well your optin form converts and more.

How it works

Goal Tracking Tool

First choose your site from the dropdown list and view the analytics returned for the goals that were set.

Add a New Goal
Select the “Add New Goal” button located right below the list of results returned. From the pop up add a goal name. Choose when the goal will be visited as where the url is. Next is to allow multiple conversions per visit. By default a goal can only be converted once which means that if you bookmark the thank-you page and you visited 15 times, it is only going to count the conversion as 1 because you have only opted into the form once. So the default option is normally the right option to select unless you want to be able to count someone multiple times then you would select the option that says “Allow goal to be converted more than once per visit”. You can also put how much the revenue is per conversion then click add goal. It will now appear under the site that you have chosen.

Campaign Tracking Campaign tracking is used for when you are promoting your site on other sites. You will first enter the URL that you want people to visit. Next, give the campaign a name then put in the keyword for the campaign then select generate url. You will see your traffic stats for the different campaigns that you have been running. You can see how many actions per visit, average time on site and bounce rate. If you click the graph icon located next to the campaign name it is going to show you the different keywords used.

Event Tracking This allows you to track when buttons get clicked. Fill out the event category, name, action, and event value. All this information will allow you to generate a code which allows you to track when the button is clicked.

Video Tutorial

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