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What is Grammar Checker?

Google can check the level of quality for your content? They can find grammar errors and misspellings and can tell if an article was written by a real person or is just gibberish. However, not everyone is good at writing content. This is why we created 'Grammar Checker'. This tool allows you to quickly find and fix grammar errors and misspellings, as well as check your content in Copyscape, so it doesn't raise any flag and your site is not at risk of being penalized for having too much poorly written or duplicate content.


Grammar Checker Tool

To check your grammar, simply paste your content in the provided field and click the 'Check Now' button. If 'Grammar Checker' finds grammar errors and misspellings, they will be underlined (in red). Click the 'Click to edit text' button and fix them. Once done, click the 'Check Now' button to check your grammar again, until your content is error-free. Tip: In 'Step 2', you can check your content in Copyscape, to make sure it cannot be found anywhere else on the Web. To run a Copyscape check, simply click the 'Copyscape check' button. If you want to perform more checks, add your Copyscape details to your profile, under the 'integrations' tab.

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