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What is Link Indexer Pro?

This tool allows you to send your links to a selection of link indexing services including SERPed Indexer, Backlinks Indexer and Link Pipeline. This is the fastest, most effective way to get your links indexed in the search engines. SERPed Indexer is our proprietary link indexing service and uses various online resources to help you get your links indexed.

Tip: You can send a large number of links every month, but if you want to send more, you can add your Backlinks Indexer and/or Link Pipeline details to your profile and almost completely unlock 'Link Indexer Pro'.

How It Works

Link Indexer Pro

You can submit 25 links at a time (open per line) and up to 125 links in a day. On the right you can choose your service. You only really want to use the Link Indexer on sites that aren’t yet indexed in Google or those that are tier 2 or 3 links to your main site. You don’t want to be submitting your main sites here, you only want to be using this for your backlinks. You can use SERPed Indexer without any additional charges and if you have an account with our other 3rd party indexers, you can add your information and index your site using those tools as well. All you have to do after is click send links. You can click history and see all the history of your submitted links and you can see the plain links or download them formatted.

Video Tutorial

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