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What is the Long Tail Keywords Tool?

Our tool generates thousands of 'hidden', untapped long tail keywords with ease. Long tail keywords are much easier to rank for than one word keywords. The level of competition is generally much lower, and they are often more targeted. Google limits the number of results you can see in Keyword Planner but we don’t!

Insider Tip: This tool is great for your link building campaigns! This tool provides a massive database of keywords so that you don’t use the same keywords too often but still rank high in the search engines.


Step 1 - Generating The Report

Long Tail Keywords

Enter a short, main keyword you would like to research and select your database (Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon and/or eBay). Once you’re finished, click “Get Keywords” and we’ll take it from there!

Step 2 - The Report

The report may take a few minutes to load, once it populates, hovering over each header gives a description of what it is. You can sort the report by: Keyword, Average monthly searches, CPC and PPC. You can filter the results by clicking the Filter button and entering what you’d like the results filtered by. There is also the option available to export your results so they are easily accessible.

Step 3 - Using The Report

You're unlikely to find this kind of information anywhere else; on top of the information that you just found, you can find related searches and buy related domains all with the click of a button. You can go even further and do a long tail keyword search on your long tail keyword which can be added to the current report or created on a new report by selecting the menu option from the drop down that comes up when you opt to drill down the search.

Video Tutorial

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