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What is Mobile Prospector?

Mobile Prospector is a tool that is used to find clients whose sites are not mobile friendly. The reason this tool is so important is because Google will no longer rank a site on mobile searches (about 50% of most websites traffic) that don't have a mobile version! So a prospective client’s choices are, make a mobile friendly site, or lose 50%+ of their traffic! It's a no brainer, and this tool SUPERCHARGES your efforts in finding and signing up those clients, to the point that it is almost automated for you! Make sure you read this blog post here for more information.

Insider Tip: A Service you can use to make any clients site mobile friendly in a few clicks with a line of code added to site is DudaMobile - this is optional but powerful, fast and easy.


Step 1 - Adding Keywords

Mobile Prospector Pro

To use the Mobile Prospector Tool, simply navigate to the tool under Client Acquisition. This tool allows you to search for prospects in two ways:

1. You can add the keywords that you'd like to search the Google database for and select the database you'd like to search in and click "Schedule Report". This report will find the top 100 sites ranking for that keyword.

2. You can search for the specific URLs you'd like to run a report for, this is useful if you're looking to target business places in your local area - you can search for up to 50 at a time. Click "Schedule Report" to generate that report.

Step 2 - Understanding The Report

Once the Report is generated you can see which sites Passed Google's Mobile Friendly test and which sites did not. From here you can select potential prospects, see their Who Is information and see how the mobile version of their site currently looks. Once you select the prospects you would like to reach out to, you can email them all with the click of a button or request the next 10 results from Google.

Step 3 - Sending Your Report

Once you have a list of websites that are not mobile-friendly and thus very likely to lose Google rankings, you can bulk email their respective owners and offer them your services. Simple, right? You can create your Report in no time:

1. Choose Your Profile - If you already have one created, the report will auto-fill with your saved information. If not, you can create a new profile and give it a name.

2. Write Your Proposal - Tell your potential client exactly what's going on, what the consequences of lack of action are and how your service is exactly what they need!

3. Fill In Prospect Details - The prospects you've selected may or may not have contact information automatically filled in. If they don't, there are quick ways to find it, once the information is there you can also preview what each report will look like.

4.Compose Your Email - Create an email template or use a saved template. Remember to make your email subject appealing, the body of the email should briefly describe what's wrong and how you can help, it should also give your company's information as well as a copy of the report.

Step 4 - Following Up

After you've sent your emails you can see the status of your email by navigating to the Mobile Prospector home page and clicking "Email History" on the specific keyword search you want to check. You can also see dates emails were sent and do follow ups based on which prospects have responded and which have not.

Video Tutorial

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Why are only the top 100 results displayed?

The top 100 results are the clients that are most likely to be actively using their websites and would be interested in creating a mobile friendly site. If there are other sites you would like to check you can search by URL's as well as see the next 10 results from our tool.

How do I know my emails were sent?

The emails that have been successfully delivered will be displayed under "Email History".