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What is Pro Monthly Content?

Pro Monthly Content connects your site with our quality writers for unique, high quality content published when you want it, on total autopilot. Blow your clients away by your work ethic and content creation, include images and videos in a few clicks for great looking content.

Tip: Install the SERPed Plugin and setup a big inner linking campaign, to ensure juice from your new articles are linking to your pages that you want to rank!


Pro Monthly Content Tool

Step 1 - Create Subscription

You can choose how many articles you want per month and whether it will be standard or premium. Also select the word lengths that you want in each article. Go ahead and select prepare my order. You can now go through and modify the word length of each article and it will show you the cost of each article based on your requirements. Once you select continue to payment it will take you to your paypal account so that you may login and pay for the order. Once you pay you will be redirected. If it still says “Waiting Payment” just go ahead and select Reload Status.

Step 2 - Complete Order

When you select complete order it is going to take you to a page where you enter your wordpress url, a valid author username and password. The author should have admin access, so from that point you will have to select Validate Access.

Once you click Validate Access it will allow you to enter your article information. The title is optional and if left empty the author will come up with a title. You must put in description, keywords and and submit as. You have to choose a submit date or else you’re going to have all your articles being submitted on the same date (set it to 3 days ahead). You can choose what category you want the article to be posted to as well as which author is posting the video.

Step 3 - Article History

As the articles are submitted you will be able to see the history of the submitted articles under History Of Submitted Articles. Once it posts you will be able to view the posts by selecting view posts.

Video Tutorial

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