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What is the Quick Check Rank Tracking tool?

This tool allows you to instantly check your rankings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. You have the choice between having the results delivered within the next few minutes if you are in a rush, or within the next few hours if you want wait a bit. You will get internal notifications when the keywords are checked. This tool is useful if you want to quickly check your own rankings or the rankings of your clients or competitors. 'Quick Check' also shows you the search volumes of the keywords you checked and gives you the option to send them to 'Competition Analyzer' so you can see who your top competitors are, with the push of a button. This tool is in addition to ‘Countries’ and ‘Cities’ tool which you use for ongoing ranking update monitoring. This ‘Quick check’ is to be used after algorithm changes or for ranking checks on sites you don’t have added in site manager.

Tip: If you want to see how competitive your keywords are, send them to 'Competition Analyzer' by clicking the icon in the 'Comp Analyzer' column. Analyzing your competition is critical and will help you make better decisions.


Quick Check Rank Tracking Tool

Step 1 - Add Keywords

Enter the keywords (one per line) and set the search volume country. Enter the site you want to check the rankings for. Choose the search engine that you want to use. Select the country that you want to check in. The check can be within 5 minutes and up to 18 hours but doesn’t usually take that long. Now select Add Keywords which will now start to check.

Step 2 - Understanding The Report

After the results have been returned you can see what ranks where. Search volume shows how many persons search for the keyword in a month. You can also select competition analyzer which launches a pop up that will show you all the analysis of the top 10. You can generate a public report url which will give you a link that you can go ahead and share with clients and it will show them the results.

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