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What is the Review Badges Tool?

This tool allows visitors to your clients sites to quickly and easily leave reviews in heavily trafficked online directories. It also allows them to connect socially and increases social proofing. This is a great add-on service that you can let your client know you will be providing if they sign with you.


Review Badges

You will see a preview of your modifications throughout the process. To Create your badge you will follow these easy steps:
1. Enter a name for your badge
2. Choose your badge size
3. Choose whether you want it to be open or closed i.e. will it open when the user clicks on it or closed until it is clicked.
4. Select the sites that users will be able to leave reviews on from the listing provided.
5. Optionally, you can add social profiles to link to your badge.
6. You can also give the report a header and a footer to encourage clients to click and leave reviews.

Feel free to customize the badge with different colours to match your site. Then click Create! Copy the code and add the Badge to your WP site under Widgets. Paste in the text and give the Widget a title. You can do this for your site as well as client sites.

Video Tutorial

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