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What is The Site Explorer Tool?

This tool allows you to enter a domain and instantly see its PageRank, age, whether or not it's indexed in Google, and get all the data from the most trusted sources: Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic SEO. This tool also tells you which version of the domain is stronger: the http:// version or the http://www. version. Google treats them differently, so it's important for you to know which version has the most powerful links and best metrics in their eyes. You can use this tool to analyse your own domains, the domains of your competitors and aged domains you are considering buying.


Step 1 - Enter Your Parameters

Site Explorer Tool

Simply hit "New Search" then enter the domain name that you wish to analyze with or without www then select analyze domain.

Step 2 - Understanding The Report

When the page loads it is going to provide you with an overview where you can see its Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic links both with and without www. PR, Age and Indexed are going to be the same but you will have variations in total shares between with and without www. The URL Rank can be used to tell you which version is stronger (with or without www). There are tabs below which shows WWW.Metrics, None WWW. Metrics, View Backlinks and Other Metrics which when selected will display the results accordingly.

On these tabs you can view all the backlinks, the backlink types from the different services, different charts, new backlinks etc. You can see screenshot history for the different time periods to see what the site use to or currently looks like. You can also see an anchor text breakdown from the referring pages. If your screen cuts off this report , then scroll up and hide the menu and this will allow the report to show much better.

From anchor text referring domains it will show you the domains that link back rather than the pages. You can select "Enlarge Pie Chart" on the image which will show you fully what the report looks like. Once you've seen the reports you can determine whether you like the domain or not. When you select "View Backlinks" you can choose the "Maximum URLs Per Domain" which will quickly be loaded when you select them. You can export the results returned as a csv file as well as perform a search.

Video Tutorial

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