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What is Site Manager?

This tool allows you to manage your sites and links without hassle. You can write notes, setup tasks with email reminders, check the status of your links to see if they are active or inactive, indexed in Google or not, what anchor text they use and much more. It also provides you with useful statistics about your site such as PageRank, number of backlinks, number of social signals, as well as information about your competitors. We even built our own spiders to analyze your internal link profile to make sure you are getting the most out of inner linking your sites, without over optimising! This is an area of SEO that many webmaster forget, but it is so vital and it's free.


Step 1 - Create New Project

Site Manager Tool

You can either create a new project, or manage an existing one from Project Manager. To create a new project, simply type the name of your new project and hit “Create”. The next phase will be to add a new site to the project. From here on you will enter your site name, url, main keyword, other keywords and the url of your competitor(s) then hit “add site”. You will then choose which tools you want to add to the site by simply checking or unchecking the checkbox next to the tools. Choose at least one search engine and a check period. Upon completion, go ahead and hit “Finish”

Step 2 - Adding Inner Pages

When you create a new page on your site that you’d like to rank you can add it by selecting the site and clicking the icon to add inner pages. In the popup box, paste the URL of your inner page, add your keywords, and select the project if necessary. You’ll be able to see all the statistics for this page and track it’s growth.

Step 3 - Backlinks

Under the More Options Column you’ll see an icon for links. You can add backlinks for your page or site simply by clicking the icon and pasting them in the popup box. From here you can also see previously added backlinks by selecting that option from the dropdown menu, you can also view other projects and pages here and add more backlinks to them as well. The backlinks are updated every 7 days, you can choose to recheck it manually as well, you’ll be able to see statistics on each backlink including whether or not it is indexed and active. You get notifications when your sites are de-indexed and if the site is inactive so that you can take immediate action.

Step 4 - Creating Tasks and Notes

By clicking the task icon on an inner page or on the site as a whole you can create tasks for yourself or for team members quickly and easily. You can set a due date, add notes, and view previously created tasks. The notes icon works the same way, you can assign notes and view previous notes on a site or inner page. You can also track tasks and notes on your Activity Feed where you’ll see a timeline of all activity that’s been done within the site. Notification History shows all notifications that were generated so you can see what you’ve missed. You can create notifications as well.

Step 5 - Site Statistics

You can see this information in 1 of 2 ways; By clicking on this tab you can see the statistics of your site including Social data, Moz info. You can crawl your internal backlinks profile; you will be able to see how many times you’ve used a keyword and where it’s linking to. You can also see all the links from here and where they’re linking to. The second way is under Site Management to click on Page Stats under the link to your page.

Every 14 days you can recheck your metrics under Backlinks profile. Your competitors allows you to see how you stack up against your competitors. If you haven’t put any in yet from Project Manager the option is there to add their URL’s. You can see their full site stats just as you can see yours and see which areas you will need to improve on.

Finally you have SEO Review, this gives you a full SEO breakdown of your site.


1. Will my site metrics automatically update every 14 days?
Yes, if you’d like to check it before that you can go in and check it manually.

2. How can I change competitors?
To change competitors, go to 'Site Manager', select the project the site is in and select the site in question. Then click the 'Edit' button located on the right of your dashboard (on the left of the 'Delete' button). Replace the old competitor URLs with the new ones and click the 'Edit Site' button.

3. How can I move a site from one project to another?
To move a site from one project to another, go to 'Site Manager', select the project the site is in and select the site in question. Then, click the 'Edit' button located on the right of the 'Links' button. Select a new project from the drop-down list and click the 'Edit Site' button.

4. How do I change the name of a site?
To change the name of a site, go to 'Site Manager' and select the project the site is in and select the site in question. Then click the 'Edit' button located on the right of your dashboard (on the left of the 'Delete' button). Enter a new site name (in the first field at the top left) and click the 'Edit Site' button.

5. How can I change the name of a project?
To change the name of a project, go to 'Site Manager' and select the project in question. Then select the 'Change Project Name' option (under 'Actions' in the drop-down menu on the right), enter a new project name and click the 'Change' button.

6. How can I restore a site?
To restore a site, log into your cPanel account and launch the 'Backup Wizard' (located under 'Files'). Then click the 'Restore' button on the right and follow the on-screen instructions. For more information, please read this tutorial (from 'Restore a portion of your site').

7. How can I create site reports for my clients?
To create site reports for your clients, go to 'Site Management' and 'PDF Site Reports'. Select the site you want to create a report for. Upload a logo, write an introduction, choose the information you want to include in the report, write a conclusion and click 'Generate Report'.

8. I can't find the site I want to create a report for…
Before you can create a site report here, you must add it to 'Site Manager'. Once this is done, select the site and follow the above instructions.

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