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What is Social Exchanger?

This tool is a marketplace that allows you to request tasks and also for you to earn points performing actions. This marketplace and its function is only limited by your imagination. Reach your SEO goals faster with the help of like-minded members.


Step 1 - Add New Task

Social Exchanger Tool

Select Add New Task then add a title, description and you can also load from previous tasks that you have created and edit those. Under action type choose which option you prefer. For instance, if you want people to like your Facebook page, follow your Twitter account, add you on LinkedIn you can choose Connect. If you want stuff like sharing your posts, retweeting a message etc, then you can choose the Simple Actions.

You can ask for a screenshot and video as proof if you want. Next choose the average time to complete the action and the number of people to complete the action. Also choose how many points you are willing to give per action. Once you are done just select Edit Task.

Step 2 - Understanding The Features

After you add the task you will be able to see your full listings such as total actions, actions left, action type, points per action, action complete time and status. You also have threads with persons who take your task to complete the action.

You can view the Natural Traffic Link which is going to open Google which will show which is number one. Once you click it, then it will take you directly to that particular site. After viewing, we can go back to our task and say that it has been completed.

Press the back button, this will show all the tasks that you have listed which you can sort by date added, type, etc. You can select view task to view all the details about a particular task and you can assign that task to yourself. Under the My Actions tab you can see all of those tasks listed there so you can see if they are done or still pending. Under profile stats you can see how many tasks you have created, how many has been done and average completion time.

There is an achievements leaderboard which shows two tables. There is this month’s table and as we tasks you earn points. To add your team members to this you go to My Profile, on the profile you click on Team. From here you can click Add New Account or click View an existing one.

Video Tutorial

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