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What is Spintax Checker?

This tool automatically finds and highlights spintax error(s) for you.'Spintax Checker' will tell you the number of opening and closing brackets, so if something is wrong, you will know right away. It will also tell you the uniqueness rate, so you know if the article is spun enough or not. This is a huge time saver.

Insider Tip: After you have checked your spin, you will be able to send it to the 'Grammar Checker' in 1 click and also ensure it passes copyscape. This means in 3-4 clicks you have articles ready to go.


To check a spintax, simply paste the spintax in the “Enter Spintax” field and click the 'Check Your Spintax' button. If there is an error, a message (in red) will point it out. Fix it and check your spintax again, until it's error-free. At the bottom of the 'Preview' section, you can see the number of opening and closing brackets, as well as the uniqueness rate. Tip: If you don't want to spin your articles manually, we suggest that you use Spin Rewriter, which is a Web-based application that rewrites content for you, on total autopilot. Spin Rewriter uses 'ENL Semantic Spinning' technology, which guarantees the best results possible.

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