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What is the Top Expiring Domains tool?

This tool selects the very best aged domains available for sale. It scans for the very best metrics on domains expiring within the next 72 hours so all you need to do is check them in site explorer. These domains will work for new niche or client sites, or help you build a powerful Private Blog Network that you can use to build high-quality links and skyrocket your search engine rankings.

Insider Tip: Use the 'Monitor' to set a 'filter' to sort through the mass of domains for the ones that suit your needs. Once you have setup a Monitor, you will see a 'tick' icon next to it, simply click this each time you visit this tool to apply the filter.


Step 1 - Setup A Filter

Top Expiring Domains

Click on the Three dots which is located just above the results table and select Setup Filter . Enter your email address and input the domain criteria (Moz Rank, Moz DA, Page Rank, Domain Age, etc.) so that you may be alerted via email whenever a domain meets your criteria

Step 2 - Running A Filter

To run the criteria that , Click on the Add Filter button below the criteria section. This will apply the criteria from Setup Monitor to filter your results.

Step 3 - Using the Report

Beneath each domain are tools used for analysis, which if you hover your mouse over them it will tell you the name of each tool. Here is a brief description of what each is used for:

  • You can also see where the domain name is available, which is shown just below the domain itself. By clicking on the domain it will take you directly to where the domain is available.
  • The screenshot icon will show you screenshots of what the site use to look like.
  • Next to the screenshot icon is the domain history tool which will allow you to view the domain's history.
  • The number next to the domain history tool is an indication of how many characters are in the domain.
  • The Analyze Domain and Get Site Rankings Overview tool will send the domain to our Site Explorer tool which will give you a nice overview of whether the domain is interesting or not.
  • The Analyze Domain and Get Backlinks Profile Overview Tool sends the domain to our Backlinks Explorer Tool which is available for Ultimate Members only (Not an Ultimate Member? - Click Here). This tool will go in and download all the backlinks, find out the page ranks, the Alexa rank, the age, and the Moz of all the backlinks pointing to the site.

Video Tutorial

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How this tool differs from Aged Domain Finder? - We've set minimum criteria and added them to this tool for you which will show the domains expiring within the next 72 hours.

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