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This powerful keyword research tool allows you to generate thousands of keyword ideas in just a few clicks. It lists the monthly search volume, cost per click, traffic value & competition level for the keyword you entered, as well as each suggested keyword. It even allows you to search for related domains, find related long tail keywords and calculate potential revenues with the push of a button. Use this tool to find niches and keywords to target.

Insider Tip: Keyword research is of paramount importance; in fact it could well be the most important aspect when it comes to ranking and the end goal 'monetizing'.


Step 1 - Adding Your Keywords

Ultimate Research Tool

Enter the keywords that you’ll be researching (the more specific, the better!), give the project a name so that you can easily identify it or add it to a project you had previously created. Once you’ve done that, select the country you’d like the research to cover and search.

Step 2 - Understanding The Report

When the report has finished it will display the total amount of searches, CPC, Traffic Value and you can filter the results by any of these categories. The report also gives you options on whether you’d like to:

A) Check For Related Keyword Domains - See which domains are available that are related to the keywords in your search.

B) Get Longtail Keywords – Dig deeper into your keywords

C) Search Broad – Expand your search by broadening your keywords

D) Revenue Calculator – See how profitable a keyword can be to your site.

E) See How Hard It Will Be To Rank - You can click on each result to see the top sites that rank for that keyword along with their metrics to see how hard it would be to rank your site at the top for this keyword.

Step 3 - Using The Research

What makes our tool so spectacular is the fact that it gives you up to 10 times more results than Keyword Planner! You can export your results to csv, pdf or txt. You can also filter your results before exporting them and run the research again all from the Ultimate Research homepage.

Video Tutorial

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How long does the tool take to do the research?

It takes a few minutes, depending on how broad your keyword is it can take up to 5 minutes.

What does traffic value mean?

Traffic value is a general term that represents the total amount any website would currently be paying Google if it decided to pay for all of the traffic that it is currently getting from a specific keyword search. This is a good way to check a website's value before you buy or sell a domain name.

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