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What is Web Analytics?

This tool allows you to track and analyze the traffic of your sites, so you can have access to all the information you need to improve them, grow your traffic & boost your sales... You can track your own sites, but also the sites of your clients, and provide them with detailed traffic reports. An alternative would be to use Google Analytics, but are you comfortable giving Google full access to your sites? We aren't. What prevents them from using this information against you? Better be safe than sorry and use 'Web Analytics'. We use different domains to ensure there are no footprints for you.

Insider Tip: You need to install 'Web Analytics' if you plan on using the 'Goal Tracking' tool, and it is also vital for you to generate full, valuable reports for your clients as this data can be used in the 'PDF Site Reports' tool.

How To Use The Tool

Before you can add a site here, you must add it to 'Site Manager'. Once this is done, select the project the site is in, select the site in question and click the 'Add' button. The site will then be listed in the table below. Click the blue round icon, copy the tracking code and paste it in the code of your site. The tracking code must appear on every page that you want 'Web Analytics' to analyze. Alternatively, you may install the 'WordPress Manager' plugin and paste the tracking code in the 'Web Analytics' section of the plugin, so it is automatically added to all the pages of your site (highly recommended for beginners or anyone using Wordpress).

You can also generate a link for your client to view the results of the analysis by clicking the button under the URL. The PDF report shows every detail down to a real time overview of people on your site! You can also choose to email the report and format what will be shown and from which project.

Video Tutorial

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