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What Ranks Where

POS: Current position in Google.

PRPRO: Previous position in Google.

PODF: Position difference - Difference between the current position and the previous position.

SVOL: Average monthly searches. The average number of times people have searched for this exact keyword in Google.

CPC: Cost Per Click. The average amount (in USD) you would be charged for a click in Google AdWords.

TRF(%): Traffic % - The share of traffic driven to the website with a particular keyword for a specified period.

TRFC(%): Costs % - The total amount spent on keywords in Google AdWords for which the domain is ranking in search results.

COMP: Pay-Per-Click Competition - Competition of advertisers for this keyword. The higher the number, the greater the competition.

NOR: Number of results in Google for this keyword.

TRE: Trend - The interest of searchers in a particular keyword during the last 12 months. This metric is based on changes in the number of queries per month.