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What is What Ranks Where?

This tool allows you to reverse engineer what terms your competitors are ranking for. This is powerful for researching what keywords to target. It also allows you to check your own sites and find keywords that are within reach of the 1st page in the search engines so you can focus on ranking them or add new keywords for an exponential traffic increase! This tool will return rankings that are 20th position or better.


Step 1 - Setting Your Parameters

What Ranks Where

Enter a site name and URL, select the max number of keywords (results) you want the tool to return, select a database (search engine), choose to sort results by position or traffic, choose to check a whole site or an exact URL only and click the "Check Now" button to see what keywords this site or exact URL ranks for within the top 20 positions in the chosen database.

Step 2 - Understanding The Report

The Report provides you with a comprehensive overview of the websites that rank and the contributing factors to their ranking. You can see search volume, the value of the keyword and the level of competition Please see the Glossary that explains what each heading on the report represents. You can search the results using the search bar to filter your results and you can sort the results by any column by clicking on the arrows within the column header.

Video Tutorial

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What is the scale that is used for Competition?

Competition is determined on a scale of 0.01 - 1 with 1 being the highest level of competition.

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