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What is the Wordpress Manager Tool?

This tool, you can update WordPress, your themes and plugins from a single interface, without having to log into WordPress. This will save you time and reduce the risk of having security and stability issues caused by outdated files. The plugin also have 'Auto Linking' built in so you can set-up nice inner linking campaigns and also add your clients or affiliate links as well.


Step 1 - Configuring The Plugin

Wordpress Manager Tool

Click on the hide info tab then download the SERPed Wordpress plugin. Once it is saved, go ahead and upload it inside Wordpress plugins folder, click add new then click on add new and navigate to upload plugin. From here you will click browse and select the file that you downloaded and select install now. Once it is installed select Activate Plugin. This plugin will now appear in the left menu pane in your WP site. Clicked Serped.net then click settings. From the settings page it requires that you enter your plugin key which can be found in the Wordpress Manager tab on SERPed.

Just copy and paste the key into Wordpress then click save. If it is the correct key it is going to show a welcome message. Go back to Wordpress manager in SERPed and select Update Recheck Status. It will go ahead and find the status for the site that the plugin was installed on.

Step 2 - How It Works

The first thing it does is remove your WordPress version which makes you less vulnerable to hackers targeting specific WordPress versions. You can also add your Web Analytics code in a few clicks by going to that menu option and pasting your code there or pre filling it with your SERPed Web Analytics code.

We also allow you to link projects. What this means is that you can set-up hyperlinking inside your content. You can choose where and how you want to see those links and add keywords in the popup box that appears when you click on Link Projects. Another feature is that it allows you to post your articles from Pro Monthly content and add your Pages to SERPed

Video Tutorial

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