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What is the Youtube Tracker tool?

This tool allows you to track the rankings of your YouTube videos with ease. Nothing prevents you from tracking the rankings of your competitors too, so you know where they're at and what can be done to outrank them. We made it super easy for you to have an overview of your YouTube rankings. You will be able to see useful statistics like views, likes and more, as well as graphs so you can track progress over time.

Tip: To help your YouTube videos rank higher, make sure you optimize them, with a nice text description, some closed captions, annotations, etc.


Youtube Tracker Tool

Step 1 - Entering Parameters

Enter the video name and the youtube url for the video (follow this format<VIDEO_ID>) then click add url. Once you’ve done that you are going to have an overview of all the keywords overtime.

Step 2 - Understanding The Report

By clicking “graph” you’re going to be able to see al the performance overtime in terms of the search views. All the keywords will show up, the search volume that they get. The search volume is not in YouTube, it is in Google which is the closest that can be estimated at this point in time. You can see where inside the YouTube search engine the keywords rank. You will be able to see how many terms you are tracking and how many are on page one as well as statistics about your videos and also how many Facebook likes they have. You can see your competitors on a chart by clicking analyze which will show you how they are doing.

Video Tutorial

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