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What is Uptime Monitor?

This tool allows you to monitor the uptime of your sites, so you can avoid extended downtime. Downtime can negatively affect your search engine rankings, traffic and income, upset your visitors and even hurt your brand, so make sure you take the time to add your sites here. You will receive an email notification whenever one of them goes down so you can take action. There are companies that charge close to $100 per month for this feature alone... With SERPed.net, it's included in your membership, at no extra cost. If you do client reporting, you can include these reports inside your PDF's to them, allowing them to see how their site has performed over the month.

Insider Tip: Every time one of your sites goes down, you should send the uptime report to your Web hosting provider. A lot of them guarantee a 99% uptime. They will maybe upgrade your hardware or give you a full month of free hosting, as they did for several of our members already.

How to use the tool

Uptime Monitor Tool

Before you can add a site here, you must add it to 'Site Manager'. Once this is done, select the project the site is in, select the site in question and click the 'Add' button. Come back in a few days and click the 'View' button to access the full uptime report. To change your notification settings, go to the 'Email & Alerts' tab in your profile.

Video Tutorial

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